A winery wedding in Valle de Guadalupe

Surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and framed by acres of lush vineyards, our venues are ideal for saying “I do” at El Cielo, in an exclusive, open-air setting that highlights the natural beauty for a winery wedding.

Our specialists in celebrations will accompany you to give life and take care of every detail of your wedding or any other social event.

We have 95 luxurious suites, where you and your guests can comfortably stay and enjoy the most special day of your life, as well as our amenities, services and the wonders that surround us.

Bride Ideas & Social Events, exclusive brand by Grupo Presidente, was created to give life to all the important celebrations of your life, engagements, weddings, parties of XV years, baptisms, baby showers and everything that is a cause for celebration.

Celebrate your wedding in Valle de Guadalupe

Our wedding packages in the vineyard will make you feel you are getting married in “El Cielo” and start this new phase together with the right foot.

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Our wedding venues in Valle de Guadalupe vineyards

We have restaurants, indoor and outdoor spaces with different capacities so you can choose the one that suit your needs and preferences.

Type of ceremonies for our weddings in Valle de Guadalupe

We offer three types of ceremonies to celebrate love with your partner, so you can choose the one that best suit your beliefs.

Religious Ceremony

Rite attached to Catholic and Christian beliefs, with which you can swear eternal love to your partner in the company of your loved ones, in our consecrated “Nuestra Señora de los Milagros” chapel.

Symbolic Ceremony

Join your loved one in body, mind and spirit through a non denominational ceremony which highlights the promise of love with your partner.

Kumiai Ceremony

Traditional ceremony of the Kumiai community, a tribe in the center of Valle de Guadalupe, to celebrate a unique destination wedding native to the region, in contact with nature and dignifying ancestral traditions.

Wedding calendar

Choose the date for your wedding in Valle de Guadalupe, we will be honored to be part of your celebration.

Package for a winery wedding in Valle de Guadalupe

El Cielo Resort winery wedding packages

Our wedding package, specially designed for our Equinox venue, will give you all the necessary services to enjoy a dream winery wedding in Valle de Guadalupe, as it includes:

  • 3 course menu
  • Open bar for 6 hours*
  • Afterparty for 50% of assistants*
  • EQUINOX venue rental
  • Menu testing for two people
  • Waiters and headwaiter service during all event
  • Complimentary suite for wedding couple (on wedding night)
  • Special room rates for wedding guests
  • Dressing room (for bride or groom)
  • Independent and exclusive access to wedding venue
  • Taxes and service included

*Terms and Conditions may apply.
**Wedding package available for minimum 100 people

Social events and celebrations in Valle de Guadalupe with vineyards
Social events and celebrations in Valle de Guadalupe with vineyards

The best celebrations in Valle de Guadalupe are held at El Cielo Resort

Whether they are weddings, anniversaries, baptisms or Sweet Sixteen, among other social events, the celebrations in Valle de Guadalupe become an unforgettable event for the attendees, but, above all, for those celebrated.

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